Our company “Latzovski” owes its successful reputation to a certain business model, which makes us flexible and predictable in the name of the client.

We started our operations 20 years ago. Since then we offer high quality Italian stock fabrics. Our palette of cotton, silk, polyester, wool, knitted and other fabrics is really worth considering. The two-decade history behind our backs allows us to share our experience in the textile world with our clients. During the long years of work in this industry we have managed to select the best quality products from proven factories.

What makes us different and flexible is that every two weeks our representatives visit our clients in Bulgaria and abroad, presenting them with a current selection of samples. This convenience certainly gives results – our satisfied customers are constantly increasing, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania are frequent working destinations of ours.

Another way to get acquainted with our fabrics is to come to our warehouse, which is located in Sofia, at 92 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd.

You may also have a quick look in our retail store, located in the center of Sofia, at 164 Slivnitsa Blvd.

GSM: 0887 515 707.

Delivery of large quantities is free for our clients because it is a foundation for good cooperation, which we value highly.

Trying to meet consumers’ needs, we also offer regular fabrics, which allow repeatability. Such are our denims, shirt fabrics, cottons, tricots, coatings, polyesters, jacquards, eco leather, etc.